Black Businesses Matter

"People Make Culture," Says Larvetta L. Loftin

May 16, 2022 Larvetta Loftin Season 2 Episode 18
Black Businesses Matter
"People Make Culture," Says Larvetta L. Loftin
Show Notes


WELCOME back to Black Businesses Matter! We are launching season 2 with our very own host and CEO, Larvetta L. Loftin. Larvetta and Black Businesses Matter’s Associate Producer, Dion Warr, both sit down and reflect on season 1 and its highs and lows. We discuss some lessons we learned throughout the journey, including how to continue even when we don’t feel our best, as Larvetta said “Culture doesn’t make people, people make culture”. We also get to touch on some of Larvetta’s favorite episodes, and how L3 benefits from this podcast and how other businesses can also leverage podcasting. In season 2 Larvetta shares what is next for season 2 and some guests she looks forward to interviewing. Lastly we bring up the questions we’ve asked every guest and Larvetta is no exception, and that is why do black businesses matter and what brings Larvetta joy?  


  1. How does Larvetta feel about season 1?
  2. Lessons we learned 
  3. What were Larvetta’s favorite episodes
  4. How does L3 benefit from the podcast?
  5. What’s next for Season 2? What guest would you like to interview  for Season 2? 
  6. Why do black businesses matter? 
  7. What brings Larvetta joy? 

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