Black Businesses Matter

"I wanted to be World Class." says, Charles Johnson

May 31, 2022 Larvetta Loftin Season 2 Episode 19
Black Businesses Matter
"I wanted to be World Class." says, Charles Johnson
Show Notes


In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I sit down with my friend and mentor, also dealmaker and visionary, Charles Johnson. Charles shares his journey and how he was considered the “dealmaker”. He discusses the advantages to learning at a black school, and working in a minority company. We learn more about Charles’ childhood and what his grandmother tells him about the importance of legacy and equity. Charles’ discusses being great and taking that talent into the market. He notes on the lack of resources within the black business to allow them to thrive. He explains how real estate plays into wealth, and how to make profit in what you do and being world class at it. He shares wisdom in the difference between business and hobbies, and why loving what you do that can turn into businesses. Lastly I ask Charles why black businesses matter, and of course what brings him joy.


  1. Charles journey to becoming the “dealmaker”
  2. Advantages to working at a minority owned company
  3. Where Charles learned about equity & legacy
  4. Difference between business and hobby
  5. Why do black businesses matter? 
  6. What brings Charles Johnson joy? 

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