Black Businesses Matter

"Black wealth is self-sufficiency. " says Horace Flournoy, Co-Founder of

June 27, 2022 Larvetta Loftin Season 2 Episode 22
Black Businesses Matter
"Black wealth is self-sufficiency. " says Horace Flournoy, Co-Founder of
Show Notes


In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I  talk with the tech co-founder Horace Flournoy of He shares his inspiring journey of a great childhood from a middle-class two-parent home defined by sports, family and video games.  Growing up, he shares how he had fortunate opportunities to advance his curiosity in tech.  Horace discusses how he champions young African Americans to explore tech to spark interest.  He describes how his tech agency is beyond being an ‘influencer’ platform but how all creators can use their influence.   He also adds how his company champions people that look like them because brand marketing teams lack diversity.   Horace shares how their platform is for athletes, influencers, local celebrities, artists, digital creators  and everything in between who don’t have the access points needed to create branded sponsored content at scale.   He also shares how his company is a resource for how brands can use their platform to seek diverse talent as well as how marketing agencies can leverage it as a tech tool.  


  1. The cool factor in black culture
  2. Three factors to selling - KNOW, LIKE & TRUST
  3. How his IVY league education helped him increase the trust factor with pitching for capital
  4. How Black wealth means self-sufficiency…
  5. Shares why black businesses matter and so much
  6. Shares his three takeaways for building a solid business
  7. What brings Horace joy? 

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