Black Businesses Matter

"No doesn't mean STOP but find another way to get there," says Cecelia Harrison

July 11, 2022 Larvetta Loftin Season 2 Episode 24
Black Businesses Matter
"No doesn't mean STOP but find another way to get there," says Cecelia Harrison
Show Notes


In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I  talk with the founder, Cecelia Harrison who was able to leverage her housing choice voucher from the Chicago Housing Authority(CHA)  to build a successful STEM business-, a medical billing company.  Her company helps doctors to get paid expeditiously by providers.    She shares her story of being a Registered Health Information Administrator for 20 years and how she launched her company after helping one doctor’s office receive half a million.

Cecelia also shares how she received a $40K grant from Chicago Trend to expand her business.   She also describes how she purchased a commercial property from the Chicago Land Bank. 

In this season of discussing black wealth,  Cecelia shares her perspective of wealth as a mother who was raised by her dad.   She shares how she watched her dad work a  9 to 5  with side hustles which propelled her to create a STEM business that is her 9 to 5.   She adds how she is building a co-working space for the STEM community in a marginalized community in Chicago.  

Cecelia shouts out valuable resources that have contributed to her success.   Cecelia’s story of resilience is sure to inspire you.  


  1. Black wealth is information
  2. Why she chose STEM
  3. What keeps her motivated after being rejected? 
  4. Her 40K grant
  5. is still alive
  6. What brings Cecelia joy? 

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