Black Businesses Matter

"Everyone is a leader. They just haven't been unleashed." Says Robert Johnson

August 01, 2022 Larvetta Loftin Season 2 Episode 26
Black Businesses Matter
"Everyone is a leader. They just haven't been unleashed." Says Robert Johnson
Show Notes


In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I  talk with the chief economic inclusion officers and general council for the YWCA, Robert Johnson. He is a double threat being  a lawyer and entrepreneur. Robert is a partner in two businesses with the main focus of pouring back into the community. The first is the  Solomon Group, a consulting firm that focuses on raising capital for minority women entrepreneurs to help them grow and thrive in the entrepreneurial  space.  His second and newest initiative, Breedlove, mainly focuses on  closing the wealth gap between the black and brown minority and our white counterparts. This interview opens the much needed conversations about wealth and addressing the fear that surrounds the topic. Addressing this impostor syndrome that plagues most of these amazing entrepreneurs. Robert emphasizes  the importance of coming back together with the knowledge we’ve gathered making sure we pour back into our community, something that he has spent his whole life doing. If you are interested in an in depth conversation about creating wealth in the now not just generational wealth then this episode is for you. 


  1. What is black wealth 
  2. How imposter syndrome affects minority professionals?
  3. The importance of bridging the wealth gap 
  4. How the YWCA is is launching  Breedlove, a program that provides resources and funding to minority women business owners
  5. Shares why black businesses matter and so much
  6. What brings Robert joy? 

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