Black Businesses Matter

“You have to have your own path to have people follow you ” Says Melanie Jefferies

October 17, 2022 Larvetta Loftin Season 3 Episode 33
Black Businesses Matter
“You have to have your own path to have people follow you ” Says Melanie Jefferies
Show Notes

Episode 33
Guest Name: Melanie Jefferies  

Guest Business: Milhouse Development, LLC

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In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I talk with Melanie Jefferies, who is currently the Executive Vice President of the Midwest Region at Milhouse Engineering and Construction and a Principal Owner of Milhouse Development, LLC. The Milhouse family of businesses, founded by Melanie's father in 2001, has since blossomed into an international construction and development company. She speaks to the big shoes she had to fill taking over this business from her father. Melanie also speaks to the importance of not following a path presented to you but creating your own. The path she forged led to Millhouse Development, LLC something that was wholly hers. 

Melanie speaks of her plan to improve Chicago’s south side by utilizing the commercial mix-use sector to drive people to these communities, thus, ensuring that the south side is a destination for tourists. She does this by creating a partnership between big businesses and little businesses. Making sure these big businesses understand that to be where they need to give back to these communities. 

If you are looking for unique ways to improve your community, or are a business looking for commercial retail and commercial office space in Bronzeville, this is the episode for you.


  1. How was her relationship with her father and the impact he has ?
  2. What is Melanie's vision for Chicago ?
  3. What is Melanie doing to help people understand that vibrant businesses deserve to be in these communities? 
  4. Why do black businesses matter? 
  5. What brings Melanie joy? 

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