Black Businesses Matter

“I’m gonna give what I didn’t get” says Christina Steed

November 07, 2022 Larvetta Loftin
Black Businesses Matter
“I’m gonna give what I didn’t get” says Christina Steed
Show Notes

Episode 36 

Guest Name: Christina Steed

Guest Business: Agents & Strategies 

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In this episode of Black Businesses Matter, I speak with Christina Steed, the Chief Communications Officer of Agents & Strategies. She is an award-winning marketing communication expert whose experience includes business development, client relations, diversity, equity and inclusion, and internal and external marketing communications.

Christina detailed how she transitioned into the PR world by spearheading the creation of a public relations department in his manufacturing company. As a woman in businesses, she stresses the importance of supporting women in these spaces where you may exist as a minority no matter the circumstance. 

Christina is a leader in the diversity, equity and inclusion space, and in this episode, she speaks to the importance of relationships in creating a sense of belonging. Furthermore, she emphasizes how strengthening the relationship between DE&I and the rest of the company, more specifically in the marketing space, helps to establish a sense of authenticity, relevance and respect.

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, this is the episode for you.

Also, check out Christina’s show ‘For the Culture’ on CAN TV, which airs every Tuesday at 7pm.


  1. How did Christina get her start in public relations?
  2. How can women be relational?
  3. How important are relationships in this space of DEI&B?
  4. Christina’s Show on CAN TV.
  5. Why do black businesses matter? 
  6. What brings Christina joy? 

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